Total OBD Bollocks

Total ODB Car Diagnostics from

Total ODB Bollocks more like, I purchased this in October as it was priced at $97 due to “Price is temporarily lowered because we’re doing a price marketing test during October 2013. Get TOAD at $100 off while this lasts.”

Well guess what? Yes that’s right it’s currently:

“Price . . . → Read More: Total OBD Bollocks

Office 365 – Dynamic groups

Cool little tool will have to d/l and have a play

Office 365 – Open another users mailbox

I just found this on but wanted to re-produce it hear for safe keeping.

To allow another user to open additional mailboxes in O365 they need the relevant permission.

Open a powershell window and connect to your tenant with admin credentials.

This example command allows John to open Jerry’s mailbox: Add-MailboxPermission -User . . . → Read More: Office 365 – Open another users mailbox

All things Quad

Coming soon supplies for quad copter and multi rotor builders.

3D Printers Frames, Parts, Esc’s and more


My vintage nerf gatling gun stopped working with just a hiss of air when the trigger was pulled.

I suspected it had been dropped by the kids and something internally had broken.

It was easy enough to take apart a dozen or so screws and that was it. The attachment to the back . . . → Read More: Nerfsmithing

Versalaser compressor danger

Recently the computer controlled air assist unit for our Denford supplied versalaser vl200 laser cutter stopped working.

We took it apart to confirm that it was dead, inside the housing is a rocking piston compressor motor, an air cooling radiator, a water trap unit and solid state relay controlled by a small USB connected . . . → Read More: Versalaser compressor danger

Testing solid state relays

Today I pulled an ssr from a versalaser air compressor and wanted to test if it was working.

l started just as you would with an electro mechanical relay, l stuck a 9v battery across it and nothing. Then l remembered it was an ssr so l wouldn’t hear anything and I put my . . . → Read More: Testing solid state relays

Deploy App-V 4.6 SP1 Desktop Client

Ok so I’m slightly late to the party regarding getting startd with App-V and with version 5 around the corner this post might become a mute point.

For some reason Microsoft in their infinite wisdom made this piece of software a pig to install, msi’s to extract from exe installers, specific appguid parameters to . . . → Read More: Deploy App-V 4.6 SP1 Desktop Client

Beat the skimmer

Seems to me that the simple way to beat an ATM skimmer with a camera that captures your pin is to switch to a 6 digit or longer pin and then the ATM requests a random combination.

HP T200 vs Axel M80 WMS Client trial

We’ve recently installed some HP T200 zero clients with an HP Z210 acting as the host.

Axel were also kind enough to send me one of their M80 thin clients to test against as a comparison.

This is not a scientific test but my observations.

The T200′s work by encapsulating USB over Ethernet to . . . → Read More: HP T200 vs Axel M80 WMS Client trial